Social Activities - ISMD2018

Important Dates

Abstract Submission:
20th Jun. 2018
20th Jul. 2018
15th Aug. 2018 
Notification of Acceptance:
15th Aug. 2018
Registration (Early Bird):
1st Sept. 2018
Registration Deadline(Author):
15th Sept. 2018

Social Activities

Mutianyu Great Wall 

The Mutianyu Great Wall has a long history and splendid culture, which is 70 kilometers away from Beijing City. As one of the famous spots of the Great Wall, the Mutianyu Great Wall is the essence of the Great Wall of the Ming dynasty. In according to historic record, Mutianyu Great Wall was supervised and built up by a subordinate general to Zhu Yuanzhang, Xu Da based on the relic of the Great Wall in Northern Qi. It has its own unique architectural style. In 1987, Mutianyu Great Wall was apprised as one of the 16 scenic spots in new Beijing. The Great Wall, like a leaping giant dragon full of momentum, sketches a legible outline of the endless winding mountains alongside those ridges, therefore becoming the symbol of the Chinese nation. Hundreds of impregnable passes and barriers, and thousands of enemy towers and smoke towers are distributed on the Great Wall, which not only makes the Great Wall not that monotonous but also emphasizes grandness and steepness of the already precipitous landform, full of artistic charm.



National Swimming Center

The National Swimming Center is situated in the Beijing Olympic Park, and it is one of the symbolic buildings of Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. There held the swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water polo etc. After the Beijing Olympic Games, it was constructed into the activity center which concentrated the swimming, fitness and leisure as a whole. “The Water Cube” and “ The Bird’s Nest” are respectively located at the two side of the axle wire of Beijing. There is one square and one round, they are echoing each other at a distance which forming the creating scenery line of “the Humanistic Olympics”.


The Bird’s Nest

The National Stadium also called “Bird’s Nest” is situated in the south of the Olympic Park in Beijing North Four Ring Road. Its covered area is about 260 thousand square meters, which can hold 100 thousand audiences which can conduct the track and field the football game of Beijing Olympic Games. It can hold the opening and closing ceremony of the Olympic Games at the same time. After the Beijing Olympic Games, the Bird’s Nest is widely known as the large professional place for citizens to take part in the sports activities and enjoy the sports entertainment. It also becomes the landmark sports building and the Olympic legacy.


Flamenco Carmen

On Sep. 26, 7pm,  Peking University Hall , Flamenco Carmen by Spanish Ballet of Murcia.